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Hamlet (What Dreams May Come)

Asst. Director 

Movement and Fight Director


RIPT Theater Company at The Secret Theater , LIC

A 4-person , 90-minute Hamlet 

"The staging of the show is economic and clear, with smooth transitions for the performers to shift roles, or retreat to corners to observe the action, hoods drawn. Cat Yudain's fight choreography for the duel between Hamlet and Laertes is dynamic and thrilling, and, frankly, better staged than some I've seen on Broadway.”- Zelda Knapp, A Work Unfinishing 
“Ophelia’s drowning (spoiler alert!), enhanced by terrific sound (designed by Alan Waters) and lighting effects (Paul T. Kennedy’s handiwork), is a staging highlight, as is a sword-less sword fight between Hamlet and Laertes, complete with a few modern flourishes.” Mark Lord, Queens Chronicle
" openness and freedom in his [Winkelstein's] movements that explain his dexterity in the final fight scene (excellently choreographed by Cat Yudain)." Emily C.A. Snyder, Classical NYC 

Ade Otukoya
Chauncy Thomas *
Lindsay Alexandra Carter *
Nathan Winkelstein *

      *Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity.

Directed by Nathan Winkelstein
Asst. Director/Fight and Movement Director: Cat Yudain
Stage Manager: Jessica Fornear
Lighting Designer: Paul T. Kennedy
Sound Designer: Alan Waters
Costume Designer: Sarah Marie Dixey
Set Designer: Melissa Anderson

Produced by Nathan Winkelstein & Richard Mazda


      Photo by Reiko Yanagi


   Photo by Reiko Yanagi


     Photo by Reiko Yanagi


Fight and Movement Director

FoxWolf Productions and Masterfool 

A site-specific production played among the stills at New York Distilling Company, BK  

"New York Distilling Company will act as the stage for this re-imagined play, which features an original live musical score and physically-charged action that happens all around the audience."- Cassidy Dawn Graves, Bedford+Bowery

Photo by Cat Yudain 


Macbeth- Christopher Hirsh*

Lady Macbeth- Alice Allemano

MacDuff- Conrad Schott*

Banquo- Jon Huggins

Duncan- Brandon Rubin

Malcolm- Asia Kate Dillon 

Lady MacDuff- Julia Anrather

Fleance- Dominique Brillon

Witch 1- Bruce Jones

Witch 2- Alex Dunbar

Witch 3- Ayana Workman

Rosse- Jake Levitt

Angus- Sam Garber

Young Siward- Terralon Walker



Directed by Jamie Watkins

Fights and Movement- Cat Yudain

Stage Manager- Emily Roth 

Sound Design- Zac Selissen

Light Design- Megan Dallas Estes

Costume Design- Maddie Peterson

Produced by FoxWolf Productions and Masterfool


Rehearsal Photo by Miriam Thom, FoxWolf Productions

Malcolm and Army.jpg

                 Photo by Miriam Thom, FoxWolf Productions         

A Midsummer Night's Dream 

Movement Director

FoxWolf Productions and Masterfool 

A site-specific production played in Gowanus' Redwood Studios, BK  

"Hirsh’s Midsummer captures the hot-blooded delirium of young love, forgoing the magical luster often associated with Shakespeare’s forest of fairies for a simpler incarnation where the performers are at the forefront. In the spirit of the longest day of the year, the Redwood warehouse lights remain on throughout the evening, washing both performers and audience in a midsummer warmth that encourages a communion between the entire room." -Lee Kinney, Theater is easy

Video Property of Foxwolf Productions

 Miriam Thom and Caroline Spearpoint


Photo by Miriam Thom, FoxWolf Productions

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